Flexible, integrated payment solutions

Integrate your software platform with a leading payment solution to elevate your brand, grow revenue, and own the customer experience.


Empower your users to accept all major credit cards and process ACH payments from a secure, PCI DSS-compliant solution directly within your software or mobile application experience.


Grow revenue with monthly residual income on payments transacted through your software, you now have a predictable and scalable revenue stream.


Create loyal users with a truly comprehensive business-critical software. Simple payment integration grants you full control over your payment experience and empowers your users to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

Choose Your Integration

Flexible integration options are available to design a payment solution that works for you. Select from hosted applications or a full integration directly with SafePay API.


Designed to be intuitive and easy to integrate, our stable APIs are continuously improved to expand functionality with no API surcharges.

Payments For Native Mobile Apps

SafePay AppConnect enables your native application to accept mobile payments. Sensitive data is kept secure to minimize risk and ensure your transactions stay PCI compliant.

Hosted Checkout Solutions

Flexible checkout solutions allow your business to collect payments through PCI-compliant connections with embeddable online payment buttons, hosted payment forms and more.


Simplify your integration with webhook callbacks for targeted events and easily trigger subsequent events. Webhooks alleviate additional code and reduce the load on your integration.

Why SafePay

More than just an API, SafePay is here to be your payments partner delivering everything you need to launch, manage, and scale payments. Our proven integration playbook easily guides partners through discovery, onboarding, development, and launch. The entire process is effortless with dedicated partner support at every phase and continues with a dedicated growth team to help you achieve your revenue targets with marketing materials and sales training.